1 – Evaluate your needs

Spend some time figuring out what your time sucking tasks are and how long they usually take. This will enable you to compile a list of tasks that you are happy to outsource.  Using a time tracker tool like Toggle is great for measuring the length of time a specific activity takes.  Most often than not, you will be surprised at the result! 

2 – Provide access and information

What software and tools do you use?  Is it important to check whether your new VA will be able to gain access to these if you need support? Compile a list of useful information for example passwords, branding styles (fonts, colours, mood), timings (availability, optimal social media posting times).

3 – Explain any constraints

Make sure you communicate any deadline, budget or even working/contactable hours constraints to your VA so that they are aware.

4 – Make time to do a hand-over

Your new VA is there to give you a helping hand, so make the most of it!  Take the time to go through the tasks you want to delegate as soon as possible, instead of leaving it to the last minute when you have become stressed and overwhelmed!

5 – Trust in the process

Everyone has different ways of working, so sometimes your new VA will need a little time to get to know exactly how you would like things to be done. This would be the same even if they were sat at the desk next to you.