Not quite sure of how all of this support service works? No problem. 

Here are a few answers to questions that clients have asked me. 

A highly skilled self-employed professional providing business support to clients remotely.

It’s pretty flexible, so there are many businesses that can benefit. Including start-ups, entrepreneurs, independent consultants, small, medium and large businesses and even private individuals. However, I primarily focus on providing support to female entrepreneurs. 

  • You feel overwhelmed with your workload
  • You want to be more productive and less stressed
  • You don’t have the time, resources, inclination or energy for certain tasks
  • You want to focus on the more strategic and revenue generating side of your business
  • You want to grow or upscale your business
  • You simply need help!
  • Eliminates time-consuming tasks from your day to day
  • Frees up your valuable time so you can stay in your zone of genius and do what you do best
  • No need to hire a permanent member of staff or provide office space and equipment
  • No HR stress like social security and employee benefits
  • You get to have someone on your team that is just as dedicated and invested in your business success as you are
  • Flexibility to change the support hours from month to month – project to project
  • It suits you and your business needs perfectly

Currently I provide administrative, secretarial and design work (graphic and web) within that…the list is almost endless!

In this technologically advanced era there are so many tools available to us (online and offline) that make working remotely easy for everyone. I prefer to use Google Apps (email, docs, calendar, etc.), Zoom for video calls, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for chat communication. I also like to keep up to date with various tools such as Trello, Plutio, MailChimp etc. but I am of course happy to use any recommended technologies that you use.

With the use of Dropbox and Google Drive you can share any file, making it easier for us to work in real-time on the same documents. There is no need to send files via email (unless it is your preference) meaning that there will be no chance of duplicate documents. It works just like any normal secured server, just in the cloud. However, I am also happy to use your preferred tool. Whatever suits your needs!

Yes of course – as integrity and confidentiality are two integral elements of a good business relationship, my Service Agreement is designed to protect and benefit all parties and includes a confidentiality clause.

If you would like to use the email management service. With the use of LastPass you can provide me with direct access to your email account (without having to give me your login details).

In this day and age, many clients are already in the cloud and use services such as Google Apps or iCloud for their email, contacts and calendar needs. If you are not setup in the cloud and would like me to do that for you, I am happy to offer this service. If you are, then the easiest way is to provide access through LastPass.

For all service packages, I ask that the money reaches the Wonder Assist account before the commencement of work. You will receive confirmation of receipt, along with the start and end date of your services. Further details regarding payment can be found in my Payment Terms and Conditions that will be provided.

Payment can be made directly into the Wonder Assist bank account. Account information, reference details, and instructions will be provided on your invoice. There is also an opportunity to pay by PayPal or Stripe if required.

  • Consultations and quotations are to be carried out via email, telephone, online or in person (location permitting)
  • Work can be accepted from the Client via the Client Portal or by email, online storage or secure online transfer
  • All documents sent to me will be scanned for viruses
  • Client to have their own anti-virus software in place for receiving/sending files
  • All work carried out will be proof-read. Final proof-reading to be done by the Client, along with a final check for approval of completed work
  • Any mistakes are to be sent back within 3 business days of Client receipt
  • Any mistakes made by me will be corrected free of charge
  • Any changes to the agreed brief or any additions to the brief made by the Client will be charged as an additional agreed cost and invoiced separately
  • For larger projects, a time frame will be negotiated with the Client
  • I do not accept liability or responsibility for the end use of any documents or materials produced or edited on behalf of the Client
  • I reserve the right to reject any work which I believe to be unlawful or immoral
  • All Client documentation provided, will remain confidential and the copyright of their business