I went in to buy a printer and left a client! From the moment that I met Cassandra I liked her free and creative spirit. We bonded over our mutual passion of comics and super heroes and I really appreciate her flexibility and patience during our creative process. As well as her quality of listening and her kindness. Her knowledge of the graphical tools available for Entrepreneurs who need to watch their budget, was invaluable. I strongly recommend Cassandra’s services. I appreciate her dedication, strong values and work ethics, and also her desire to empower female Entrepreneurs. Cassandra is very organised and efficient, communicates well, and knows how to work under pressure. 

My business has survived the 6-months test now and is scaling, thanks to the results I obtained from Cassandra releasing the power within me! I am definitely looking forward to a new collaboration with Cassandra, and so should you…it is a decision you will not regret! Speaking from my own experience, Cassandra definitely deserves your trust and confidence . I am unique and have the ability to change the game – that was my takeaway from my time with Cassandra.