Sarah - Teatime English

I was overwhelmed with my work load and needed an assistant.  When I found Cassandra, I told her I’d found an angel not an assistant! Cassandra not only helped me with tasks, but also offered better ways of working, organising and timesaving. Cassandra has been more effective than other VAs because she goes above and beyond every time. I particularly like her creativity, design taste, communication and productivity. Having Cassandra saved me hours of stress and effort. She just took care of everything so I could get on with other things. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wishing an angel could come in and take care of everything on their to-do the list. Cassandra will do this and so much more! 

Before I hired Cassandra, I must be honest, I did not believe it would be possible for a virtual personal assistant to replace my assistant so completely and effortlessly but…Cassandra proved otherwise. With Cassandra’s support we were able to secure a tender and gain a much needed new contract. She has a very nice way about her, bubbly, friendly but never off topic. The list of her qualities is endless! With a solid work ethic, amazing efficiency, beyond well organised style, incredible resourcefulness, excellent communication skills and a keen eye for detail. I admired Cassandra’s professionalism and she gained my respect quickly and but more surprisingly my trust and although we never actually met she always felt part of the team. I would recommend Cassandra in a heartbeat!

David - Guys Cross Nursing Home
Anne-Marie Yim, founder of LSSL-Luxembourg

I went in to buy a printer and left a client! From the moment that I met Cassandra I liked her free and creative spirit. We bonded over our mutual passion of comics and super heroes and I really appreciate her flexibility and patience during our creative process. As well as her quality of listening and her kindness. Her knowledge of the graphical tools available for Entrepreneurs who need to watch their budget, was invaluable. I strongly recommend Cassandra’s services. I appreciate her dedication, strong values and work ethics, and also her desire to empower female Entrepreneurs. Cassandra is very organised and efficient, communicates well, and knows how to work under pressure. 

My business has survived the 6-months test now and is scaling, thanks to the results I obtained from Cassandra releasing the power within me! I am definitely looking forward to a new collaboration with Cassandra, and so should you…it is a decision you will not regret! Speaking from my own experience, Cassandra definitely deserves your trust and confidence. I am unique and have the ability to change the game – that was my takeaway from my time with Cassandra.